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Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter HAVE NOW REPLACED NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN & CNN in-terms of audience size and consistent engagement.

Social media channels command the largest and most engaged audience of any medium in the world. Their communication power and audience building capabilities are so immense, their total effectiveness and depth of reach are immeasurable.

Social media marketing allows brands to focus their efforts on their ideal buyer and build a community around their product or service. This level of targeting makes marketing more strategic, more effective, and in turn, more cost effective than ever. Track-ability is a huge advantage marketers have today, giving the ability to determine the ROI, which makes the investment into social media much more valuable.


Over the past decade, social networks have gone from being a website that connects college kids to morphing into true communication platforms with a diverse set of content creation features and social tools.

#1 - Advanced Audience Profiling & Targeting
For business, you need to know that all the data and content shared on these networks by their users is collected and mined to create unparalleled audience profiling and targeting capabilities:

#2 - Rick Media Ad Formats & Multi-Content Capabilities
To succeed on social media, advertisers need to understand how to create content that will drive user engagement and promote action. Communication capabilities on social media channels include:



As social media has grown in popularity so has its role within our company. We work with both B2C and B2B clients to market their products on social channels both locally and nationally. Our services scale to the unique needs of each client, always focused on revenue and expansion.

Our Process:

  1. Business discovery meeting
  2. Expert campaign and content strategy for each applicable social network
  3. In-depth audience profiling & targeting
  4. Ad creative development
  5. Website analytics & call tracking integration
  6. Ongoing campaign monitoring & optimization
  7. Discovery and testing of new market opportunities

We Run Powerful Strategies on these Social Networks

Although, traditional pay-per-click advertising can help your business reach engaged shoppers who are close to completing a purchase, Social Media advertising is even more powerful. Allowing you to reach a larger, very targeted audience BEFORE they even think about buying a product or service. This level of awareness building and customer connection is unparalleled.

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