Scalable SEO Strategies Still Deliver Longterm Results and Remain the Backbone for A Solid Digital Marketing Plan


Search engine optimization (SEO) is still the backbone of a solid digital marketing strategy. Done correctly, a strong SEO plan will yield incredible results for years to come. Done incorrectly, it can set your business back by many years, to the point where you are no longer visible online.

Not to worry, we’ve made it through YEARS of Google updates, technology changes and user behavior advances.

We boost SEO results with tactics that outlast trends, using the entire search engine page to build your brand, while helping customers find exactly the information they are looking for about your brand.


Increase Traffic & Visibility - SEO is much more expansive than just ranking on Google. While Google is still King Kong; today SEO encompasses building and optimizing many different channels, such as: Maps & GPS systems, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, review and comparison shopping websites & PR on media outlets.

#1 - Diversify Your Content & Reach More People
Articles, videos, images and infographics - leverage multiple content types to reach and engage with more people. Something to consider - the right video on YouTube has the potential to bring you more traffic and business than your website.

#2 - Multilingual is Cost Effective & Powerful
Easily access new and emerging markets by optimizing your website for multilingual markets. The US is the #2 Spanish speaking market in the world. Consider the possibilities.

#3 - Multi-Device Optimization
Today's consumers are on the move. Stay with them every step of the way by optimization your business and website to rank and connect with consumers on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.


Our approach to SEO is holistic and healthy. We make sure that your website’s structure and messaging are organized to achieve the best possible rankings from Google, and the best experience for your site’s visitors. We use off-site strategies as well, to ensure that only legitimate, high quality relevant websites are sending you links and traffic.

Local & Maps Optimization

Dominate search visibility in your local area on: Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps and more! Consumers in your immediate local area are much more quick to close and convert into customers.

Content Strategy to Scale Traffic

We'll make a content strategy and plan to increase traffic from both search and social media. Content plans focus on: articles, videos and photos needs to improve traffic on Google, Bing, YouTube and Social Networks.

Website Optimization & Technical Audits

Technicals website audits are vital for improved rankings and increased traffic from search. Make sure your website is properly optimized, structured and setup for big gains on search engines.

SEO Plans for PR Teams

Give your PR efforts more digital visibility and longevity by coupling PR strategy with a strong SEO plan. TV, radio and social strategies can all be adapted for website use to enhance search engine visibility and increase traffic.

Multilingual SEO for Expansion

Emerging markets and global expansion is easier than ever by using multilingual marketing initiatives. Any and all multilingual marketing needs to supplemented by a strong multilingual seo strategy.



#1 - Keyword Research

Keyword research is the single most important step in SEO. It sets the tone for all other practices: optimization of page content and tags, present and future content development strategy, link-building efforts, and any online PR. We take keyword research very seriously, and share our results openly with our clients. After the initial keyword research phase is completed, we create a unique keyword strategy for each page of your site and full content strategy expansion plan.

#2 - Website Analysis and Optimization

We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your current website. We are looking for proper page layout and programming, to make sure the website is not hindering the search engines from accessing, crawling and indexing each page. We’ll provide a list of any edits and modifications that need to be made before we proceed with keyword research and content development.

#3 - Page Markup, Copy Edits & Content Development

Content development is the second major phase of website optimization. Our experienced and talented SEO copywriters and editors create persuasive, informative and highly optimized content that can help you achieve the rankings you need without sacrificing quality or readability. A greater volume of quality content not only signals to Google that your site is highly relevant to searchers, but also gives your audience the confidence they need to convert directly on your website.

Remaining focused on writing relevant, compelling and actionable content looks beyond the rankings trap and focuses on conversions. Writing content that is link-worthy (other websites linking to your website) also solves the problem of getting backlinks which even today are the most powerful metric Google uses for rankings.

#4 - Schema Markup & Microdata

Schema is code that is placed throughout your website pages to return more to help search engines return more informative results to users. Mircodata is just the format that each specific code snippet needs to be in in-order for it to tell the search engines what your copy means.This is important because schema markup helps your website rank for better for all types of content: local business locations, articles, types of products and services sold, product/service reviews, events, etc.

#5 - Content Distribution & Link Building

This is where most other SEO agencies fall short. To really receive a big boost in rankings and traffic, you need an effective content distribution and link building strategy. Just writing new content each month is not going to deliver the rankings and traffic you are looking for.

This is where content distribution and link building come in. Quality content is leveraged to get other, topically relevant websites to link to your article, video, image, etc. This link then gives the search engine confidence that the content you created is of good value and should therefore receive a higher ranking. Simple as that.

**Just make sure the links being built are links from quality websites. It's better to have a few good quality links, than a bunch of links from poor websites. The era of purchasing low quality backlinks for boosting SEO are over. Google is completely discounting these kinds of backlinks and in many cases giving a penalty to the recipient of these backlinks.




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