RJS Digital Marketing & Media is a Revenue-Focused Digital Marketing company based in Neptune Beach, FL, serving businesses throughout Greater Jacksonville & North Florida. Our team consists of people who have worked FOR private equity groups, large companies and fast-growing startups, and we have a growth-oriented mindset and approach to marketing that you’ll be hard pressed to find at other agencies.


Trusted By...

From start to finish Ronnie was a true professional. He was able to help us understand how we can really use our website as the best marketing tool possible. We absolutely loved the finished product and will definitely look to him in the future for all web/digital marketing plans.


Lisa Huffman
Marketing Manager for Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille


We work best with clients who are not satisfied with their current ecommerce performance and are looking to explore new and innovative strategies to increase revenue. Our goal is to not only improve your current online performance, but also bring cohesiveness & consistency to your overall marketing strategy.


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We are an innovative, forward-thinking and experienced marketing team that concepts, builds and deploys digital campaigns designed to scale your traffic and revenue. We will develop and deploy a strategy that sets your company apart from the pack.



Managed Services

These are done-for-you monthly digital marketing services. We do all the work - setup, management and reporting - on digital marketing campaigns for your business on such channels as: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & Display.

Project Consulting

Perfect for companies that need someone to provide a deep-dive into a certain aspect of their digital marketing efforts. We are often called in when a company has hit a revenue and/or traffic plateau related to digital marketing, and they are seeking helping to continue growth efforts.

Team Training

Ideal for companies that have an in-house team and are needing further digital marketing training in Search, Social, Paid Campaigns, Email or Analytics - and, looking for guidance on how to bring the big picture vision together. We LOVE working with teams!

Approach & Process

Communication is key and one of the biggest drivers of success. Campaigns and strategies are always stronger if everyone involved is pulling in the same direction. We aim to not only improve your current performance, but to also fully educate and empower your team. In today's digital world, communication speed and forward thinking strategies are key for growth.


Friendly Meetup

We’ll start out by meeting in-person and talking through your business goals, current marketing challenges and growth expectations.


Marketing Analysis

We’ll put together a strategy plan, specific for your company, with a focus on maximizing all the opportunities we see for growth.


Strategy Presentation

We meet with your team to present and discuss the overall strategy & campaign specifics, outlining: audience targeting, channel & messaging strategy, promotional offers and tracking capabilities.


Campaign Rollout

Campaigns are created and launched in a timely and tactical manner, focused on short-term gains and longterm brand growth.


Monitor & Make Adjustments

Continually monitor campaign performance: traffic, engagement and revenue generated; adjusting where necessary to improve performance at each stage of the consumer journey.



Why Our Clients Choose Us As Their Digital Marketing Agency

No Client is More Important Than You

Our clients know we’re full accessible to them. Call, email, text…whatever you’re preferred method, we’re here for you. We welcome in-person meetings and prefer to keep an open dialogue going…this has always been the best path to great results.


Unparalleled Expertise in Digital Marketing

15 years of experience working with businesses at every stage of their growth journey: from new startups to established, household brands. When hired, you gain our collective knowledge and experience from working with a wide variety of clients in various industries for over a decade.


We Don’t Just Execute Tasks. Expect Fresh Marketing Ideas, Regularly

Expect fresh ideas every month. We closely monitor your competition and will continually present you new ideas and strategies to differentiate your brand and continually gain market share.


Scalable Services to Fit Your Needs

Our services are pricing to scale. We offer fair, flat-fee pricing to all clients big or small. Contracts are month-to-month…this gives clients piece of mind and encouragement to test new channels & strategies without feeling locked-in.


Each digital channel - search, social media, display, video and mobile - perform completely different from industry-to-industry and company-to-company. Following a "set" or "pre-packaged" approach to digital marketing can bring frustration, wasted marketing dollars and revenue stagnation that ultimately causes your company to hit a growth plateau.

Not to worry. We're here to help. I would love to talk with you about your business goals and marketing objectives.

Lets set a time to talk and I will provide you with a complimentary digital marketing strategy session full of tips that you can immediately put into action.